Monday, November 11, 2013


Good ol Jetstar blessed me with a cheap flight to melbourne that I couldn't resist. I ended up going to melbourne for a week with wendy. We planned to eat, drink and eat some more. First night my uncle took us out to chinatown for dinner since we arrived pretty late at the furthest airport we stupidly booked for. 

Ling Nam
204 Little Bourke St 
(03) 9663 2347

We had no idea what to eat so it was all up to my uncle. I must say, they picked the best choices for the first meal in Melbourne. AH-MAZ-ING-LY GOOOOOOOOD.

We had some freshly made Chinese donuts. Deliciously warm and crunchy. 

I don't normally go for the clam/shelled seafood but these pipi's drenched in XO sauce were definitely a highlight of the trip. Raised the bar with every other food we ate there. We used the Chinese donuts to dip in the xo sauce and it was SO GOOD. So delicious to the point I have cravings. If you ever visit this restaurant. HIGHLY recommended.

Next up we had some ballin' lobster with noodles. Also a yummy dish we had. Lobster, sauce and noodles were perfect. Another dish you have to try.

Ling Nam on Urbanspoon


The next morning we were gonna get dropped off to our apartment in the city but we made a pit stop to get some breakfast. Following where ever my uncle took us he decided on some vietnamese. Whenever I went to Vietnam I would have this for breakfast so I was already accustomed to having this. 

Xuan Banh Cuon

232 Hampshire Road 
0422 810 075?

So it's called banh cuon which is literally means rolled cake. It's more of a Northern vietnamese dish that traditionally is paired with cha lua (Vietnamese pork sausage) and nuoc cham (fish sauce based dipping sauce.)

Xuan Banh Cuon on Urbanspoon


Walked past this japanese restaurant called Ramenya. We couldn't stop saying it and looking at the dirty side of the name LOL. Besides that I thought the interior was beautiful. If I could replicate this for my room I wouldn't want to leave. 

Dropped by Jerkyhouse for some mochi and some jerky she wanted to try. We tried pandan and coconut mochi I think? but the jerky wasn't as good. It's great for when you're drinking and end up having the munchies.

Speaking of which Wendy proposed we stay at least tipsy the whole trip and of course how can you leave out beer pong for a drinking game. Well this time it was cider pong considering I'm not that big  fan of beer. I'd post a selfie of the end result but it's definitely not a pretty picture but let's just say I lost. haha LIGHT WEIGHT!

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